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Infoserve are the exclusive advertising partner for Yahoo Local in the UK, which means we’re the only company in the UK who can update your business listing.

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Perfect for local businesses

Google, Bing and Yahoo all provide a local search result which usually shows a map. We’re the only company in the UK who can guarantee your business a fixed position within this local search result on Yahoo.

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Powerful search engine listings

Because Yahoo Local is part of the Yahoo search engine itself, you can be sure that you’re getting a powerful listing or link back to your website.

It’s essential that your business listing is up to date, accurate and includes a link to your website. If you’re a new business, contact us today and we’ll get you listed!

Stand out from the competition

Choose a Featured Listing to be found ahead of the competition with website links, a logo and 60 character tagline. Searchers are more inclined to use businesses which show more information in this way.