Listing Manager

Manage all of your business listings, all in one place

Save hours

Update your business details once and sync to dozens of publishers including social networks, popular directories and maps. Not only that but your business will be updated for popular GPS systems.

Add photos, special offers, manage online reviews and more, all in one dashboard.

Dozens of online publishers

Your business will be synced across dozens of directories, social media pages, maps and listings. An updated listing on popular GPS systems ensures potential customers can easily find the correct information for your business when looking for you.

Enter your details once, syncs to all.

Power, at your fingertips

Edit and sync ‘rich’ business data such as opening hours, photos, description. Add special offers, write and schedule posts to Facebook, or just simply use Listing Manager for its powerful SEO benefits.

Reputation Manager

Be in control of your online reputation. Reviews from all of the publishers will appear in your dashboard for you to react to. This allows you to know in real-time when someone has written about your business online.