Bing Places

Be noticed in Bing’s local search results

Get started with Infoserve — a Bing Places Authorised Reseller


As well as our other partnerships with the big search engines, we’re also a Bing Places Authorised Reseller. We can take the legwork out of setting up your Bing Places listing(s) to get you found in the local search and map results on Bing.

Familiar ground

Bing Places looks very similar to the other local search results on the other big search engine! If you’re familiar with how the Google one looks, then you’ll understand the importance of being found on the Bing local results.

We’re the only company in the UK that can help with all three search engine’s local results: Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Enrich your listing

We’ll give your listing everything it needs to stand out. With a special agency portal, we can enrich your listing with photos, a website link, social media links and more.

Most people are swayed towards listings with more information, so we’ll make sure that you have everything they need before making a decision on who to use.

Expert help

With direct communication to Microsoft themselves, Infoserve are well-placed to be there for you when you need it. Whether you need technical support or you just want help with your listing, our team are on hand and can talk to Microsoft on your behalf.

To get listed on Bing Places, contact us today and see how we can help.